Super Resolution Microscopy Enhancement

Single-Particle Tracking Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (SptPALM for short) is meant to map single molecule dynamics. It uses photo-activable protein named mEOS (from coral) to track the protein of interest. This technique brought biology unprecedented details on molecule dynamics from neurons to plant cells. SptPALM inventors received the Nobel Prize in 2014. However, one difficulty with the mEOS protein is that it blinks. And its blinking is relative to the laser power used to activate it. Thus the biologist is facing a difficult tradeoff between signal/noise ratio (proportionally dependant on laser power) and tracking time of the protein-mEOS protein fusion (inversely dependant on laser power).

Here BionomeeX proposes an AI base algorithm built in collaboration with researchers in academic labs (CNRS) providing image enhancement obtained with very low laser conditions. Our algorithm takes video taken at very low laser power and reaches a level of accuracy enabling the recovery of particle tracks 3 times longer than the ones performed at high laser power (See video below). For more details feel free to contact us. We also provide free testing on your own data upon request.