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BionomeeX partner of the ULTIM ANR project

BionomeeX deploys image analysis by deep learning for the project named ULTIM. ULTIM project is a PRCE supported by ANR. This ambitious project is lead by the CEA of Cadarache (Dr Laurent Nussaume). 

New Kids on the BionoBlock

BionomeeX hired Jason Puel et Christian Chaux, two young engineers to back up our “in house” projects (algorithm development). Welcome guys!

Dr Eric Hosy joins BionomeeX as consultant.

Dr Eric Hosy is a research director at CNRS. He is a world expert in Neurobiology. He uses a cutting edge microscopy technique to track single protein in neurons [and in plant cells [for fun]]. Eric will help BionomeeX to i) develop SRME program and ii) will provide his expertise in human biology on other aspects of BionomeeX researches.

BionomeeX gets DeepTech Label from BPI France

BionomeeX is happy to announce that BPI France [Link] has labelled the company as DeepTech [Link]. It will help the development of our home brewed solutions in particular concerning a new kind of genetic analyses (soon to be presented).

Our CSO Highly Cited Researcher 2020

NEWS: Gabriel Krouk CSO of BionomeeX and co-founder has been named as Highly Cited Researcher 2020 by Clarivate analytics in the section Plant and Animal Biology.

Super Resolution Microscopy Enhancement

Single-Particle Tracking Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (SptPALM for short) is meant to map single molecule dynamics. It uses photo-activable protein named mEOS (from coral) to track the protein of interest. This technique brought biology unprecedented details on molecule dynamics from neurons to plant cells. SptPALM inventors received the Nobel Prize in 2014. However, one difficulty with the mEOS protein is that it blinks. And its blinking is relative to the laser power used to activate it. Thus the biologist is facing a difficult tradeoff between signal/noise ratio (proportionally dependant on laser power) and tracking time of the protein-mEOS protein fusion (inversely…

We provide customized & innovative analysis tools (Machine Learning, AI, statistical modeling…) to support your biological, medical and environmental R&D projects.

Our solutions may include at the same time crafted algorithms and/or adapted computational solutions in a single package following your needs.

BionomeeX projects (collaborations, “in house” developements) will be presented in the blog section of this website [here].

The Team

Clément Carré

CEO – Co Founder

Senior computer and data scientist, with a PhD in applied mathematics and a deep experience in Machine Learning.

Gabriel Krouk

CSO – Co Founder

Biologist, research director at CNRS. Gabriel was trained at NYU to apply machine learning for the deciphering of Gene Regulatory Networks in plants.

André Mas

Expert – Co Founder
Professor of Mathematics at IMAG, University of Montpellier and Polytech Montpellier.

Christian Chaux

Software Engineer

Nicolas Roche

AI Engineer / ML OPS

Chad Estoup–Streiff

AI and Software Intern


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